You’re playing a different game. The other guys come here and interview us for four days, leave for four months, and bring back a 160-page report. You get us working together for four hours, and at the end of the meeting we’ve got four big things we all agreed to do.

San Jose

Other consultants make it clear that they are experts and we should listen to them. You make it clear that we are experts and you will listen to us.


Thank you for visiting us today. What great energy and presence you have. I could FEEL how much you believed in what you were saying. I believe Charismatic is the word. I think that’s the key behind anything is the FEELING behind the action. If you’re not feeling it, there is no way you can motivate or educate, no matter what action you take.


Seriously…THANK YOU! I really enjoyed yesterday’s session. It was refreshing, energetic, and simply fun! You now have me thinking about our programs and what we do to engage the community… Now I’m extra busy!


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to feel what possibility can look and feel like.


Again, thank you. Can’t tell you what a nice breath of fresh air you were in here today.


Thank you again for yesterday, it was a wonderful afternoon and truly inspiring.

U.S. University Dean

After your workshop here, I’m still hearing our faculty quote you in the hallways. More university professors need to take your approach to teaching.


Greg is an inspirational marketing innovator who knows how to gracefully demand attention when speaking, selling and creating. His workshop I had the opportunity to attend was amazing and will soon be taking the world by storm.

High Point, NC

Greg is a very organized consultant, that takes information, processes it well and then is very creative in developing ideas and recommendations. Greg is also a very good public speaker that is comfortable in front of and leading groups. Any organization looking for leadership in a forward thinking individual could benefit greatly by Greg’s presence.

This guy has the brains and the PERSONALITY to take you, your company and/or your clients anywhere you want to go in your business development. Greg has the “it” quality for business; He is very knowledgeable, forward thinking, off-the-wall funny, extremely detail oriented and yet very personable and accommodating.


I was fortunate to be part of a group that Greg hosted… Most of us were strangers to each other at the start of the trip, but Greg managed to engage the group in such a way that we felt like a tightly knit family by the end of our two day journey. Greg left nothing to chance in ensuring that we came away from that trip worlds smarter about his company’s product and service lines and yet he managed to leave us feeling like we had been on an extended vacation rather than the very fast-paced and productive business trip that it actually was.


Hi Greg- Thank you so much for taking time to show us how to make our ordinary performance extraordinary. Your workshop was dynamic and absolutely life changing. I’ve already been able to share part of the workshop with my boss, and she is excited for us to put some of the tactics into practice. Hearing your story was inspirational and I will never forget that “success leaves clues. Thank you

…a great creative generator with the ability to turn creativity into application.

Charleston, SC

Hi Greg – just wanted to say (again!) how much I enjoyed your talk. Sales can be a discouraging business sometimes and this was a great shot in the arm. Hope you have a superior weekend! CHA CHING

I especially liked the interactive learning (great use of TV samples.)

Grand Rapids, MI

LOVED THE DAY!! Loved the PlaceMAP thingy, loved the break tune games, loved the buzz guide, loved the way we introduced each other, loved the way you mixed people up, loved the card thing.

Loved the examples from real life.

Denver, CO

This speaker let US discover.


I especially liked the Iceberg Drilling and samples of good questions.

Denver, CO

Everything was so cohesive and played well of each other. I like the multimedia presentation style.

I especially liked the group discussion and interactivity.

I especially liked Is that your Sailfish and the inherent/applicable lesson about transactional relationships. That is lifelong learning.

I especially liked all the cool selling/marketing tips I had never thought of before.

Great Powerpoint design and speaking skills…got class into presentation…didn’t just lecture.


I especially liked Greg’s personality and the attention he gave to each individual. He also was very open-minded and interesting.

…hands-on activities, the hammer, the worksheet, the group buzz activity. Personal stories that provide real world examples. It left a personal touch.

I especially liked the team interaction and exchange of winning strategies. Team playing breakouts…successful marketing BUZZ idea and sharing.

I especially liked the examples of BUZZ. And nearly everything you discussed could related to my marketing projects.

I liked the stories…how it worked, how Greg accomplished things.

I really enjoyed the BUZZ training…it was outside of the box, and seemed like it would really work. I know that by circling all 10’s, I seem overly positive, but I really thought this was valuable and time well spent!

I especially liked all the ideas for differentiating ourselves from other dealers.

Please come back!!

I especially liked the focus on MY market. Well done, thank you.