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Discovery Workshop

This is Meetingcore at its best. First, we help you determine your most important, trickiest questions, then we lead the workshop that creates the incredible answers you can start using right away.

Conference Kickoff

An aerobic warmup for the mind. When people arrive at big meetings and conferences, they are thinking about 100 other things. Make your entire meeting investment more effective by holding an All Hands session near the beginning to engage their minds and get people focused on the big themes and objectives.

SCRUM Kick starter

Agile programmers and scrum masters know the power of standups and scrums but still get stuck on listening. Sprints and Journeys break down when people fatigue, lose focus or return to old patterns. The All Hands Meeting gives a fresh jolt that pays back in speed and creativity.

Active Listening

An idea that is not understood or remembered does not exist. Plenty of meetings have breakout activities and report outs, yet where they often fail is in how ideas are shared and received. Our meetings practice methods to substantially norm new and better habits.


Oh, the places you could go! Every person, team and project needs a clear picture of where it’s going. A North Star. But does every vision session really need to be off-site for three days? How about an active ½ day session with clear outcomes you can start working on right now?

Hybrid Work Models

Warning… RTTOO (Return to the Old Office) is not going to happen. You and your teammates can work anywhere, but you have to work somewhere. Where should that best somewhere be?

Change Planning

There are plenty of ways to overcomplicate the change management process and you are probably already doing some of them. But in leading 100’s of Change meetings, I’ve seen that CM can be simplified into a few core steps. 1. Get people involved. 2. Show them how their involvement had some influence on the decisions. 3. Provide the visual tools for telling the story.

Learn This

Let us show you how. We have a range of educational sessions ranging from one hour speed sessions to 2 ½ day immersive mastery practices. All are hands on practice workouts because we believe that’s the only thing that works and sticks. Ask about things like The Jetsons, Power Tools for Change, FRIENDS, or PODIUM©.

About Greg

Hi, I’m Greg Dekker. I have over 14,000 hours crafting, leading and improving presentations and meetings, and can show you how involving more of people’s senses means a more inclusive experience and better results.

The All Hands Meeting can bring you immersive experiences for making better decisions of all kinds. We’ve worked with some of the most dynamic organizations across the globe and are looking forward to meeting you next.

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There were two explosions.

There were two explosions.

  1. The first explosion was in 2010; I was a main stage speaker at a leadership conference of around 600 hospitality executives - leaders representing another 150,000 employees worldwide. And as I looked out at them, I knew it: every person in the room was an expert at something. Everyone has gifts. I’ve spent every day since working on more and better ways to draw out those gifts.

  2. In 2018, my work and approach blew open again. I was in India facilitating a group of architects on the topic of engagement. I tried something. The room had a display of miniature furniture, and I just put a pile of it in the middle of the room. Then I simply asked the team to “arrange this in a way that would help people make friends.” Without discussion, data or documents, the group moved the stuff around and had some cool insights in less than a minute. After that, I tried it with less literal objects - like Lego pieces - and got even better results. More senses = more ideas.

You are an expert. And you already have extraordinary experts in the room. To get the best results, get past the slides and lectures and into an immersive experience that draws out the most from everyone. That’s what The All Hands Meeting can do.


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Frequently Asked Questions

About the workshops

Wordy meetings where 20% of the people do 80% of the talking are frustrating, waste time, and miss opportunity. Instead, when people engage their hands, the activity creates discovery and opens possibilities. And it’s way more fun.

In the first 5 minutes, participants know that The All Hands Meeting is something different, something that will have different results, maybe even a meeting that won’t suck.1

How it works

The All Hands Meeting puts activity first, and collects the insights that come from a fully engaged mind, and the often untapped potential of people.

Think with your hands. Listen with your eyes.

Engage the senses just a little differently for truly different results. Those traditional approaches you keep using? They might be taking you back to your old results.

Who is it for?

People and teams who have tricky questions and want a breakthrough

What makes this workshop different from others? Compared to other methods alone…

The All Hands Meeting prioritizes action and full engagement. It can dramatically improve involvement, trust, and contribution from everyone.

It is designed to improve active listening. (This alone is a reason to try it.)

It can draw out different, often more insightful results.

Results are far more visual and easy to understand.

It creates much better storytelling.