Frequently Asked Questions

About the workshops

Wordy meetings where 20% of the people do 80% of the talking are frustrating, waste time, and miss opportunity. Instead, when people engage their hands, the activity creates discovery and opens possibilities. And it’s way more fun.

In the first 5 minutes, participants know that The All Hands Meeting is something different, something that will have different results, maybe even a meeting that won’t suck.1

How it works

The All Hands Meeting puts activity first, and collects the insights that come from a fully engaged mind, and the often untapped potential of people.

Think with your hands. Listen with your eyes.

Engage the senses just a little differently for truly different results. Those traditional approaches you keep using? They might be taking you back to your old results.

Who is it for?

People and teams who have tricky questions and want a breakthrough

What makes this workshop different from others? Compared to other methods alone…

The All Hands Meeting prioritizes action and full engagement. It can dramatically improve involvement, trust, and contribution from everyone.

It is designed to improve active listening. (This alone is a reason to try it.)

It can draw out different, often more insightful results.

Results are far more visual and easy to understand.

It creates much better storytelling.